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Our team of highly trained professionals partner with our clients to provide customized solutions. Our approach goes far beyond theoretical teaching analyzing, and reporting. We help clients master their Gemba, establishing Continuous Improvement capabilities throughout the organization.

What we offer

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Practical hands-on coaching to leaders and team members

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Problem solving and target achieving by working with the people

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Achieving results by rapidly putting ideas into action

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Creating flexibility and ability to adapt to the ever changing market demands

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Implementing effective Lean and KAIZEN™ methodologies to the needs of our clients

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Professionally managed Lean and KAIZEN™ projects

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Implementation of a variety of learning-by-doing methods such as KAIZEN™ training and value stream design workshops

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Rolling out and managing business excellence programs

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Working with leaders to build systems to sustain a Continuous Improvement culture

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Empowering people to be motivated and be KAIZENers

Our Consulting Models

The comprehensive KAIZEN™ Business System supports any organization, via the three models within; the KAIZEN™ Change Model, the QCD Model and the Growth Model.

Global Lean Transformation

Are you planning to deploy a Continuous Improvement system on a global scale?

Kaizen Institute has more than 3 decades of experience in change management for multi-national companies. Our team of experienced professionals follow Kaizen Institute's standard processes, with a holistic approach and a local flavor. Our diversity and real world experience in various cultures and languages enables a successful and timely implementation of a Continuous Improvement culture, within any global organization.

Kaizen Institute's expertise supports our clients to operate better and more efficiently, within their own organization. As a result, our clients benefit from accelerated product development, increased sales, effective marketing, efficient flow and resource management and most importantly, the creation of a sustainable, effective and motivating improvement culture organization wide.

Let Kaizen Institute be your partner for your strategic global deployment efforts, enabling long term, sustainable success within an increasingly competitive and challenging global environment.

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andrew-gorvett - Ahlstrom Chirnside Ltd., Scotland

"Kaizen Institute’s support was instrumental in developing our Ahlstrom Lean house concept and to support the implementation program for our plants across the globe."

Andrew Gorvett - Continuous Improvement Manager, Food & Beverage

Ahlstrom Chirnside Ltd., Scotland

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