Kaizen Institute has been offering KAIZEN™ focused learning tour services since 1981. The experience provides participants a real insight of KAIZEN™. You will experience Gemba visits, interaction with KAIZEN™ experts, workshops and such with the objective to learn the key critical aspects of KAIZEN™ and how your organization can be guided through the transformation process to be best in class.

KAIZEN™ Insight Tours

To successfully create the corporate culture and develop a sustainable outcome, KAIZEN™ principles must be understood and a system to implement culture change has to be incorporated into organizations. It is critical to separate principles and the tools to transform organizations.

Through KAIZEN™ Insight Tours, you will learn:

  • Revisiting KAIZEN™ Principles
  • Corporate strategy alignment
  • How to create a KAIZEN™ Culture
  • Leadership at KAIZEN™ minded companies
  • Sustainability of business excellence
  • Roles of top management and the holistic approach

KAIZEN™ Insight Tour is a valuable milestone for any executive to reflect on their Lean journey to confirm, align, strategize, modify, motivate, enhance, fix, improve, and energize for better results that will be based on the sustainability of the desired culture for success.

KI Horigami

KAIZEN™ Benchmark Tours

Kaizen Institute offers a variety of Benchmark Tours worldwide. While KAIZEN™ Insight Tours in Japan offer the critical understanding to create the strategic view of success, our KAIZEN™ Benchmark Tours, in the different parts of the world, will provide participants the traditional and expected benchmarking opportunities via the tactical learning of certain tools and specific methods. We partner worldwide with some of our clients to create a community, enabling the open sharing of best practices in operational excellence, while being able to learn from each other. Host company executives and managers are made available to answer questions and discuss their KAIZEN™ journey, both the difficult challenges, as well as the sustainable successes.

KI Horigami

"The opportunity to see and deeply reflect on successful Lean Strategy, Culture and Leadership with Lean practitioners from around the world was truly beneficial."

Senior Manager, Lean Consulting, Healthcare Performance Partners

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