Kaizen Institute - Success Story

Public Services

Daily KAIZEN™, Service Management, Productive Maintenance

Client Profile

A City Hall in Romania.

Improvement Potential

  • Various processes with low performance level
KAIZEN™ success story mining

Root Causes

  • Lack of a dedicated standardized program for daily working hours
  • Insufficient correlation between software and real needs
  • Long standing demands
  • Lack of knowledge regarding employees’ motivation factors
KAIZEN™ success story mining

Our Approach

  • Creating a complete urban database including utilities providers and domestic suppliers in order to improve cooperation and to assure every projects quality
  • Creating a unified informational system
  • Standardized and optimized management at each department’s level
  • Project dedicated to implementing KAIZEN™ Methodologies (5S, Productive Maintenance, Auto Quality Matrix)

Key Results

  • Reducing Lead Time by 43% for the process of obtaining zoning permits
  • Reducing Lead Time by 66% for the process of obtaining building permits
  • Improvement of daily management processes by implementing 5S and standardized best practices
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