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Client Profile

One of the world’s largest producers of crude oil from the Canadian Oil Sands.

Improvement Potential

Our client needed to reduce the duration of their 2018 maintenance turnaround. The event was budgeted at $365M and scheduled to last 59 days, with 5.000 – 6.000 personnel estimated throughout the event.

KAIZEN™ success story oil and gas

Root Causes

  • Lessons learned from past turnaround events were not taken advantage of, events were managed in a reactive fashion and lessons were re-discovered during current events
  • Inadequate use of techniques to complete tasks faster, lack of breakthrough ideas in changing the way of working, insufficient cost analysis in defining deliverables (replace versus inspect & replace)

Our Approach

  • Training on Value Stream Mapping (VSM) to the turnaround team
  • Selection of critical equipment from all the units (integrated plan)
  • Current state mapping based on the last turnaround for the major critical paths to identify value added & non-value added activities
  • Root Cause Analysis for the identified improvement opportunities and the lessons learned from past turnaround events
  • Future state mapping with an improvised plan for 2018 turnaround and additional reduction in future turnarounds

Key Results

  • Turnaround duration reduced from 59 days planned originally, to 48 days
  • 1M barrel of increased production due to reduction in turnaround days will result to a saving of $80M
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