Kaizen Institute - Success Story

Mining - Potash

Flow Management, Daily KAIZEN™

Client Profile

A large Canadian potash mine owner.

Improvement Potential

Our client had an ongoing issue with managing inventory in an underground warehouse. Missing parts, difficulty locating parts, duplicate orders and mismatches of actual parts availability versus what’s shown in the inventory system was common. This issue was creating inefficiency in the workplace and having a direct impact on equipment downtime.

KAIZEN™ success story mining

Root Causes

  • Parts were being stored without a systematic approach to workplace organization, inventory management or flow of warehouse materials
  • Other maintenance activities have been a higher priority over the revitalization of the warehouse
  • Employee training on the benefits of using KAIZEN™ Methodologies was required

Our Approach

  • Trained client employees in the principles of 5S workplace organization and implemented across the warehouse
  • New warehouse shelving installed and positioned using Flow Management
  • Implemented a KANBAN inventory management system
  • Implemented standard operating procedures for the warehouse

Key Results

  • Safer workplace conditions and improved employee morale
  • Increased daily warehouse productivity by 40%
  • Warehouse floor space use reduced by 65%
  • $1.35 Million in savings directly attributed to increased efficiency and the elimination of ordering duplicate parts
  • Benefits of the project resulted in duplicating the initiative in other locations
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