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Financial Services

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Client Profile

A leading pan-African Financial Services group with presence in 19 African countries, United Kingdom, United States of America and France, serving more than eight million clients in 700 business offices globally.

Improvement Potential

  • Reduction of client turnaround time
  • Further improvement of client satisfaction
KAIZEN™ success financial


The KAIZEN™ journey started primarily to reduce crowding and client turnaround time at four business offices in Lagos/Nigeria, within 100 days; ultimately, to enhance client satisfaction.


Our Approach

  • The project launch included an assessment to gain a thorough understanding of the current state of the banking operations at all four branches
  • Targets were set and an implementation roadmap was developed
  • Branch-wide 5S and rapid PDCA cycles were undertaken through engaging and involving people, to reduce the client turnaround time
  • Daily KAIZEN™ practices were employed to make everyday problem-solving a routine and to ensure sustainability

Key Results

  • 54% reduction in the client turnaround time. As a result, client crowding has been eliminated despite increased client footfall
  • Greatly enhanced client satisfaction measured through client feedback and surveys
  • Attracting new clients due to the enhancement in the branch ambiance
  • Time to issue debit (ATM) cards reduced from 15.5 mins to 5.5 mins; increasing the productivity of the Client Service Officers
  • Significant capability & skills enhancement relating to problem solving and improvement techniques
  • Enhanced people engagement and belief that all problems can be permanently solved
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