Kaizen Institute - Success Story


Flow Management

Client Profile

India's premier biopharmaceutical company develops, manufactures and supplies generic active pharmaceuticals.

Improvement Potential

Unbalanced packing line: Allocation of work is not balanced in the packing line which results in lost of production time, rejects and productivity loss.

KAIZEN™ success food


  • Productivity improvement in the manual packing line.

Our Approach

  • Balancing the packing line
  • Re-arrangement of manpower
  • Implementation of a Mizusumashi system
  • Rejection analysis for reducing rejects

Key Results

  • Productivity/Manpower for Vial packing increased by 31,6 %
  • Productivity/Manpower for Pick-fill and Seal machine packing increased by 92%
  • Rejection level for the last 30 batches reduced by 85 rejections
  • 5S Audit score increased from 30% to 56%
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