Kaizen Institute - Success Story


Flow Management, Productive Maintenance

Client Profile

India's premier aerospace company, manufactures precision machined parts & sub-assemblies for aerospace & automotive sectors

Improvement Potential

  • Weak 5S implementation
  • High work in process
  • High finished goods inventory
  • Poor implementation of visual management systems
KAIZEN™ success financial


The main target of the KAIZEN™ project was to improve the transportation efficiency. Amongst others, the project included the following necessary actions:

  • Designing straight aisles for the ease of material movement
  • Improving the material flow (raw material in & finished goods out)
  • Implementation of a process ownership model – raw material to finished goods
  • My machine concept
  • Multi manning & multi skill approach

Our Approach

  • Lean cell design and implementation
  • Reduced inventory through cell formation and one piece flow
  • Reduced motion: High frequency usage items at Point of Use
  • Reduced waiting: Tools in cell, self approval of the samples in the cell

Key Results

  • Changeover time reduced by 25-50%
  • Production space reduced by 30-35%
  • Direct labor reduced by 20%
  • Production costs reduced by 20-30%
  • Output shift increased by 12%
  • Value added ratio increased by 10%
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