KAIZEN™ Story: No prior mindset

KAIZEN™ Story: No prior mindset

George Dantzig, a great mathematician is known for his Operations research and systems Engineering. An interesting incident happened at Berkeley in 1939 when he was a student. One morning, he arrived late for his statistics class and he quickly copied down the two problems on the board assuming they were homework. Assignment took him several days to work through the problem and finally he had a breakthrough and dropped the homework at the professor’s desk the next day.

Six weeks later, his excited professor, announcing the acceptance of a paper based on his proof, visited George. Since George was late on that day, he didn’t know that the two problems on the board were unsolved equations. Since George was working without any limitations of impossibility, he could crack the mathematical mind-teasers that had stumped mathematicians for years.

A few lessons from the story:

1. George solved the problem because he didn’t know he couldn’t

2. We are limited only by our thoughts

3. Ignorance of something gives you a blind confidence

4. When we don’t know something is difficult or impossible, we will have a positive approach.

 Contributed By: Mr. Vinod Grover

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