Importance of Digital Crisis Management Dashboard

Importance of Digital Crisis Management Dashboard

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a situation in which individuals and organisations are facing a new reality: a need to work more closely together but ironically in a manner that will keep them away from each other physically.

Human beings are social animals and this situation is not something that they are comfortable with, which is creating added stress in conjunction with those created due to the disruptions.

In addition to this stressed workforce, organisations are dealing with an unpredictable supply & demand situation and disruptions in operations creating a crisis like situation daily necessitating the need for a structured methodology to bring method to the madness. This can be addressed by establishing a Digital Crisis Management Dashboard; an initiative designed by Kaizen Institute.

The objectives of setting up a digital dashboard would be:

  1. Daily Crisis Management
  2. Improving staff efficiency
  3. Enabling judicious decision making
  4. Prompt implementation and tracking of agreed actions

The dashboard would provide information and tracking of the following elements:

People & Communications:

Health, Safety & Security: Monitoring health and safety of staff vis a vis COVID-19 pandemic and security of factories, warehouses, offices etc.

Manpower & Communication: Availability and deployment of people concerning business requirement. Internal communication.  

Legal aspects: Monitoring/evaluating rapidly changing guidelines, regulatory requirements, and their implementation as well as external communication.

Revenue: Tracking actual vs budgeted/revised revenue projections.

Liquidity control: Monitoring liquidity and warning signals when available cash reaches a critical point

Cost control: Monitor and manage overall costs to manage the crisis

Customers: Summary of information on immediate customer needs, emergency requirements and corresponding actions.

Operations: Centralised information about internal operations: latest update, the status of each function and key actions.

Suppliers: Status of each supplier-operating normally, with some difficulty or shut down and the actions needed to bridge the gaps.

Internal Projects: Tracking in terms of original plan vs actual and modified plan (in view of crisis) and actual

External Projects: Track & control all external projects (contractors/3rd party) in terms of original plan vs actual and modified (due to the crisis) vs actual

Recovering operations:
Managing operations/resources -employees, contractors, suppliers, machinery, infrastructure, logistics, customers, regulatory bodies etc while ramping up

Using the dashboard, Daily review meetings can be conducted with the necessary people at different locations wherein data is presented, concerns are raised, and the immediate countermeasures and corrective actions can be assigned to responsible and tracked for completion

The Digital Crisis Management Dashboard thereby provides the following benefits:

  1. A simpler and structured way to manage all phases of the crisis
  2. Increased productivity of all stakeholders
  3. Reduce decision response time
  4. Improve team spirit and collaboration between various areas


Satish Bahale, Senior Consultant at Kaizen Institute

Murali Venkitanarayana, Senior Consultant at Kaizen Institute

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