Seeing is Believing: KAIZEN™ Benchmark Tours

Seeing is Believing: KAIZEN™ Benchmark Tours

There is no experience quite like going to the source and learning from organizations practicing manufacturing excellence. The KAIZEN™ Benchmark Tours offers a unique view into some of the most advanced examples of manufacturing excellence live by visiting world class organizations. Join us on this remarkable benchmark tours and get first-hand experience from world class companies during IndiZen 2018. Mark 20 - 21st Feb 2018 as the dates for KAIZEN™ Benchmark Tours. During IndiZen, our 9th National Convention on Operational Excellence participants will get an opportunity to visit few companies around Pune.

The objective behind the visit is to provide a unique opportunity to get an insight of manufacturing excellence processes followed in the company and to benefit therefrom .

Such tours form an integral part of the continuous improvement journey for any organization committed to excellence and sustaining it. Our Tour Team will guarantee an unmatched learning experience, based on our expertise of offering such Tours, since our very first public Tour in 1981.  The KAIZEN™ Benchmark Tour offered during IndiZen is a unique learning opportunity, which will provide a deeper understanding of the foundational and strategic purpose of KAIZEN™/ Lean and its principles.  

Typical themes of Tours include:

·         KAIZEN™/ Lean principles, applied to discrete production;

·         Total Productive Maintenance (TPM®) and KAIZEN™/ Lean principles applied to process industries;

·         Quality control, at world class levels, through total engagement by the workforce;

·         Lean office examples from transactional to project-based organizations;

·         Visual management of performance metrics;

·         Daily improvement through natural teams;

·         And much more!

Who should attend and why?

·         CEO, COO and other Corporate Executives to learn how KAIZEN™/ Lean is a strategic part of any healthy              organization's strategy;

·         HR Manager to enhance people development program, based on the KAIZEN™/ Lean philosophy and                      practice;

·         Plant Managers to benchmark top Japanese companies;

·         KAIZEN™ and Lean Managers to employ holistic KAIZEN™ approach, company-wide, in a sustainable way;

·         KAIZEN™ and Lean Practitioners to improve the current operations / practice;

·         Anyone who wants to learn more about KAIZEN™/ Lean!

Visiting and seeing only is no longer enough, and it is Kaizen Institute who will ensure that you connect your experiences to the your desired results - for you and your organization when you return. Whether you are new to the concept of lean, or searching for that next level of achievement, you will come home with a better understanding of how a continuous improvement culture can be embedded across your organization.

Limited slots are available for this tour so kindly block your seat now! Tour will be offered on First Come First Serve basis and it is mandatory to nominate your name for tours. The host company as well as Kaizen Institute reserves the right for last minute change in the tours, if required.

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