Top 14 Reasons for Resistance to Change

Top 14 Reasons for Resistance to Change

While resistance is the normal human reaction or behavior in times of change but good change management & commitment from the top can mitigate such resistance which can be because of below given reasons or fear. Almost all of these can be avoided if effective change management is applied in the very beginning.

Before starting the improvement journey it is vital to bring all of them on common page. Everyone should be aware about the pros & cons of the change initiatives and why it is being launched. Setting direction & having a common understanding is must so that the change initiative can be implemented smoothly & successfully.

Top 14 fears or reasons for resistance to change

  1. Fear of personal impact
  2. Fear about new way
  3. Fear of unknown
  4. Change means “to cause to be different”
  5. Change begins with acceptance
  6. We resist change because we fear
  7. Fear of failure
  8. Creating new habit
  9. No obvious need
  10. Loss of control
  11. Concern about support system
  12. Coming out of comfort zone
  13. Closed mind
  14. Unwilling to learn

Expecting resistance before any improvement or change initiatives is common but to tackle it tactfully before the launch or during the process is must for the success. Not dealing with is pro-actively can be dangerous and one of the biggest pitfall.

KAIZEN™ without focus and targets is no KAIZEN™ so the FIRST STEP is to set KAIZEN™ Targets (Clear KPI's - True North) and STEP ZERO is to bring all leaders & key team members on common page.

If you desire to see, learn how to act!

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