4G The key to run training programs

4G The key to run training programs

Learning through ‘doing’

Modern training attaches great importance to learning through doing. It is fully recognized that the knowledge gained through actually doing the task is more effective and lasting than that gained through mere reading. That is why all the modern methods of training give top priority to some hands-on training.

Three R’s replaced

In the past, whereas education laid stress on the training of three R’s i.e. Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.Modern training attaches great importance to the training of three H’s i.e. Head, Heart, and Hand. It has been realized that the head, the heart, and the hand get the best training through self-activity with hands and brain, especially when carried out in cooperation with others. Mere reading of books or listening to others does not help much in this direction.

Participation, not listening

In modern training, the participant is not merely a passive listener but is an active participant in the process of education. In the past, it was the trainer who did most of the talking. Now it is the participant who is expected to be more active and up and doing and the teacher is merely a guide. For the healthy development of the mind, it is essential that the participant should be an active giver and not merely a passive receiver. It is this activity of the mind which will lead to emotional integration, so necessary for a healthy personality.

Therefore the training nowadays lays great emphasis on the pedagogy of the training. 4G is the recent term/ concept coined by Kaizen Institute India. This lays more emphasis on hands-on training rather than merely on theory.

Training should include as many G’s as possible out of the 4G:

1.    Games: Simulation games helps to demonstrate the basic concepts

2.    Group work: To think, learn & share

3.    Gemba (real place): Learn by doing to the real place

4.    Guest faculty: For sharing their experiences & case studies with application of the subject knowledge.

True learning comes from using your hands, not just your ears. The training should focus on application, not only on instruction so that it adds value.

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