Dont blame, do KAIZEN

Dont blame, do KAIZEN™

Human habits are hard to change, and organizations are in some ways nothing more than a collection of human habits. KAIZEN™ can help us develop positive habits of understanding problems with facts, seeking ideas from other people, experimenting with small changes, and trying again. These are habits that build change capability.

It has been observed that the number one problem in most organizations today is “culture of blame” and this is what acts as one of the biggest obstacle during the journey of continuous improvement. Blaming behaviors can generate an enormous amount of wasted effort, and hinder good solutions. Therefore there is a need to change from a blame culture to a responsible culture. It has also been observed that the best transformations are the ones where leaders have consistently exhibited “Lean” behaviors and little or no “fat” behaviors. “Fat” leadership behaviors are inconsistent because they generate both task and behavioral waste, unevenness, and unreasonabless. Information that moves within and between people & processes comes disrupted or in batches and gets scrambled which results in time delays.  

Traditional blaming

·         Judges after-the-fact

·         Lets “who is wrong” override “what is wrong”

·         Drives people into defensive positions

·         Submerges issues for years

·         Creates crisis orientation

Judgmentalism and blaming lead to fear, mistrust, and the misrepresentation of “bad news while focusing on the issue or problem, not on the person, creates an open, trusting, communication-rich environment.

Welcome problems

·         Where no problem is perceived, there can be no improvement

·         Problems are a mountain of treasures

·         People are not problems

·         Make people problem-solvers

Process of business change: Paradigms/ perceptions > Thoughts/ understanding > Work > Systems > Culture

Change in thinking

This is starting to create a learning culture rather than a blame culture. Change from a blame culture to a responsible culture

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