Indias first maturity assessment model for operational excellence: Part I of II

Indias first maturity assessment model for operational excellence: Part I of II

What gets measured, gets improved!

It is critical to improve the business processes & operations in order to remain competitive. It is equally important to have a framework/ maturity model that helps to assess these business processes on time to time basis so that organizations can focus on the gaps identified.  

‘Operational Excellence’ is not a destination; but a journey of continual improvement towards a moving target. You never arrive; you just develop capabilities and cross newer milestones.

Therefore, managements periodically need to know where they stand vis-à-vis contemporary practices so that they can steer their ‘Operational Excellence’ journey towards global competitiveness. In order to meet this need, Kaizen Institute has evolved a model of assessment which provides answers to the following questions:

•           Is our manufacturing operation globally competitive?

•           If not, what are the gaps? What do we need to do to bridge those gaps?

Apart from getting the factory assessed,  the Kaizen Institute’s Maturity Assessment for Excellence (KMAX) is the first model that will also provide an opportunity to get the prestigious IMAI RECOGNITION & IMAI MEDAL for Operational Excellence.

After launching it successfully in Africa, the global pioneer & leader in Operational Excellence Kaizen Institute has launched KMAX in India on 16th Feb. 2016.  

As the world’s oldest Operations consulting firm; with Japanese parentage; presence in over 50 countries; experience in a wide variety of Manufacturing, Service, Agricultural & Govt. organisations - Kaizen Institute has evolved a globally validated framework for evaluating the status of the Operations Excellence journey of any continually improving organisation – encapsulated as KMAX.

Not only does the KMAX framework evaluate the current status of OE (Operational Excellence) leadership, people practices, culture, processes, systems & structure with reference to the current state-of-the-art; but also provides gaps & possible next steps in your on-going quest for excellence.




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