Hiyari Hatto: enhance employees hazard-perception capabilities Part - I

Hiyari Hatto: enhance employees hazard-perception capabilities Part - I

What is safety?

The condition or state of being safe; freedom from danger or hazard; exemption from hurt, injury, or loss

Importance of safety

  • Safety of the worker is important for keeping the family safe which is dependent. Worker earns money to feed the family members and any mishap can ruin the life of the worker and even whole family
  • No one likes to work in the job where life is at stake
  • Safety measures are required to ensure safe life 
  • It is better to adopt safety measures which can avoid inflicted heavy losses 
  • safety measures should be practiced by every one and every where

Safety at work place

What is accident

An unplanned, unexpected, and undesigned (not purposefully caused) event which occurs suddenly and causes injury or loss, decrease in value of resources or an increase in liabilities

Why do accident occur

Unsafe act and unsafe condition

Unsafe Act

  • Not wearing appropriate PPE’s
  • Not following safety standards(Wearing sandals/long sleeves)
  • Wearing gloves while operating drilling machine
  • Improper use of machine, device,tools
  • Cleaning, lubricating, repairing or checking machine while it is in operation

Unsafe Condition

  • Press machines without safety devices( two hand switches,Light sensors etc)
  • Grinder without protector
  • Live electric wires (No properinsulation)
  • No proper 5S followed
  • Bad maintenance of machines

What is incident

Incident is an undesired event that may cause personal harm or other damage


Zero Accident – Stop 6

A. Actuator

Accident caused due to members caught in the machines

When supplying power to machinery, “ Man and machine must be separated”

When man and machine have to work alongside, “ Power must be switched off”

When man and machine have to work alongside, “ Power must be switched off”

B. Big

Accident caused due to big objects falling Objects falling from a crane like moulds, dies, steel rolls etc.


  • Lack of professional awareness due to multi skill
  • Need for passing on skills and upgrading activities
  • Lack of awareness to danger due to familiarity with work
  • Need for regular activities to improve alertness
  • Is the angle of the sling 60 degree and less
  • Do operator check the center of gravity in order to sling upright
  • Are operator not moving the slung object while supporting it with their hands
  • Operators are not hosting the slung object while supporting the wire with their hands
  • Do operators ensure enough space to avoid sudden accidents

C. Car

Accident caused due to movement  of moving vehicles


  • Is the weight of loads within permissible limits
  • Are yard and store accessible by authorized persons only
  • Is there good layout, such as proper width of pathways, clear view at intersections.
  • Is there sufficient space for loading and unloading (space between pallets, height of pallets)
  • Are hazardous points clearly specified in driving plans\

D. Drop

Accident caused due to dropping of objects/people from height


  • Operator working at height (During inspection of objects like overhead cranes etc)
  • Operators may fall due to not using safety belts while working at height
  • Is there a proper fence on the platforms at height work

E. Electrical

Accident caused due to electrical contact


  • Is there a electrical wiring damage
  • Is the equipment being installed near water or wet area
  • Are the operator working near high voltage exposed  area
  • Are the equipments mains power cut –off during any maintenance activity(Is LOTO being followed)

F. Fire

Accident caused by hot object contact or exposed to flames


  • Are hazardous material kept away from normal working area
  • Are flammable material kept away from hot areas
  • Are proper PPE being worn in area where there is a possibility of static charge

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