Excellence Inside Tours Provide Great Benchmarking Opportunities

Excellence Inside Tours Provide Great Benchmarking Opportunities

In recent years, managers have recognized how manufacturing or service capabilities contribute to a company’s overall strategic strength. Almost everyone who leads, works for, or interacts with a company can benefit from seeing a factory firsthand. Excellence Inside Tours is an integral part of the continuous improvement journey for any organization committed to excellence- and sustaining it. Unfortunately, most visitors don’t take it seriously or begin thinking about the tour until they are in the plant’s parking lot. The tour can be far more valuable if the visitors spend time framing their objectives before the visit.

There are three primary reasons for taking a tour:

1.    to learn,

2.    to assess, and

3.    to teach. 

Visitors get an opportunity to join participants from around the world on a remarkable Tour, visiting best in class companies. It offers something new and remarkable, whether it is your first Tour experience or your hundred and first, for the experts and the novices alike. It provides an unmatched learning experience.  Kaizen Institute had organized its very first public Tour in 1981 and now has the expertise of offering such Tours (local & international).

The host sites/ or plant that are being visited during such tours are often honored with awards in each of their respective sectors or management practices. One of such opportunity is being provided by Kaizen Institute during IndiZen 2016, the 7th National Convention on Operational Excellence. The Tour groups will be visiting best in class companies like Sandvik India, Eaton India, Godrej Appliances, Lawkim Motors, ARaymond, Oetiker India, & Kaizen Institute's L&G Spaces and seeing their best practices throughout. This Tour will offer a unique "behind the scenes" view into the operational, management and people development aspects of these organizations, which often includes specific access into the production and/or service segments while focusing on the practical understanding of the power of Lean.

Typical themes of Excellence Inside Tours include:

·         Flow management and Lean/ KAIZEN™ principles, applied to production and logistics;

·         Total Productive Maintenance and Lean/ KAIZEN™ principles applied to process industries;

·         Quality control, at world class levels, through total engagement by the workforce;

·         Lean office examples from transactional to project-based organizations;

·         Visual management of performance metrics;

·         Daily improvement through natural teams;

·         And much more!

Who should attend and why?

·         Top Management / CEO, COO and other Corporate Executives to learn how Lean/ KAIZEN™ is a strategic               part of any healthy organization’s strategy;

·         HR Manager to enhance your people development program, based on the KAIZEN™ philosophy and                       practice;

·         Plant Managers to benchmark top Japanese companies;

·         KAIZEN™ and Lean Managers to employ holistic KAIZEN™ approach, companywide;

·         KAIZEN™ Practitioner to improve the current operations / practice;

·         Anyone who wants to learn more about KAIZEN™!

The essence of successful organizations is their ability to do things that adds value to their customers and what their competitors cannot. An excellence inside tour is a powerful way of developing a deep understanding of what those capabilities are and how they might be exploited in order to gain an added advantage.


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