"Zero Defect Zero Effect" from a vision to actions!

The Hon. Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi has set the vision and the agenda, aimed at boosting the manufacturing sector and to jump start the contribution of manufacturing to the GDP pie. Rightly so, this will lead to economic growth, job creation and reduced importation bill. 

But the pertinent question on everyone’s mind is, are we ready? Is the Indian manufacturing sector prepared? Capable?  to take on this challenge? 

India has covered a significant distance in terms of its ability to produce quality products. There has been a steady growth in the capabilities – quality, productivity and technology has witnessed a steady and firm adoption and deployment across sectors and industries. As expected, some sectors and industries have adopted faster and more, while distressingly many sectors lag behind! 

How do we accelerate the adoption and awareness of the Zero Defect; Zero Effect vision? Such that the manufacturing sector is able to deliver On Time; In Full; Error Free products and goods, every time,  across the manufacturing spectrum? 

IndiZen 2016 – the 7th National Convention on Operational Excellence will focus on this theme this year and will help to answer all such questions.

KI believes that to fully capitalize on both the domestic and global opportunities and in order to promote manufacturing excellence, various platforms must be created – platforms that offer an opportunity to share, learn and benchmark. One such platform is Indizen. Launched in 2010, by the “father of KAIZEN” Sensei Masaaki Imai, IndiZen returns with its 7th edition on 16th & 17th Feb 2016 @ Pune. The theme for this year’s convention is making Zero Defect Zero Effect A Way of Life. 

IndiZen has become one of India’s prominent annual gatherings of professionals in the Operational Excellence/ Lean/ KAIZEN™ domain. The objective of this event is to offer this community an opportunity to Learn, Share, Celebrate & Network with like minded people.

This national convention will give you everything you need to be more focused, energized and successful in the domain of Operational Excellence/ Lean. 

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