Lean Healthcare

Lean Healthcare

Objective of Lean Hospital Design

Working as a team (Doc’s, Architects, Nurses, etc) design to provide from day one 100% quality of patient care,

By designing smooth Processes flowing with no waste, in a safe and effective manner

Fix process first, then space

"There are four purposes of any improvement: easier, better, faster and cheaper. These four goals appear in the order of priority”. Shigeo Shingo


To fundamentally reinvent the health care experience from the ground up – for patients, physicians and staff – to achieve breakthrough results in

satisfaction, patient safety, clinical outcomes and operating performance. Via Lean Hospital Design!

Goals Of Lean Hospital Design

1. Patient safety

2. Patient satisfaction

3. Employee, Staff satisfaction

4. More time with patient

5. Productivity

6. Space utilization, flexibility

7. Healing Environment

8. Less Energy Cost

If we do not design it right from day 1, we will live with issues daily!

Issues with current approach!


What is required is a team approach. Hospital Leadership + Staff + Architects + Builders

Examples of Tools Used For Lean Hospital Design

• Look at the 7 flows in a hospital

– Spaghetti diagram

– String Model

• 7 ways (think like 12 year old)

• Simulation/Modeling (post-it notes & Lego's)

• Mock-ups of layouts indicating flow

Process Maps - Example of Current State – Pediatrics

Focus on collecting  real data by going to Gemba (real place) & Standard work analysis

Cost Impact

80-90% of cost encountered after construction is directly related to decisions made during the design phase.

Let us Develop our KAIZEN™ Eyes & KAIZEN™ Mind set!

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