Kaizen, Never Too Much

Kaizen, Never Too Much

You have probably heard the joke. Three Businessmen – French, American, and Japanese get caught up in a revolution. The revolutionaries sentence them to a firing squad and give each of them a last wish. The Frenchman asks that he be allowed to sing a final chorus of La Marseillaise. The Japanese asks to give a final lecture on Kaizen. That Proves too much for the American, who breaks down and pleads, “Then Please, Please shoot me first! I couldn’t stand to hear another lecture on kaizen.”

You may sometimes feel that you have heard more than enough talk about Kaizen.but no company can have too much Kaizen. For KAIZEN™ is the real dynamic of quality and productivity.

The Toyota Production System is a framework for raising quality and productivity and for invigorating employee morale. But the continuing improvements of KAIZEN™ are what actually make those good things happen.

Ultimately, KAIZEN™ is about Job Ownership. It means giving employees full responsibility and authority for their jobs. They take responsibility for turning out products that will earn the satisfaction of customers. And they receive the authority to modify and shape their work in ways that raise quality and productivity and that improve working conditions.

Acknowledgement: Toyota Production System

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