Lean Factory Design (LFD)

Lean Factory Design (LFD)

What is Lean Factory Design (LFD)?

Prevention is better than Cure!

Application of Lean concepts on a company’s upcoming / future projects, so that muda (Waste) can be PREVENTED, this is Lean applied as a preventive measure!

Why Lean Factory Design?

Proactive or reactive Lean?

LFD is proactive Lean. Can a factory, assembly workstations, processing centers, facility be designed Lean from bottom up? The answer is YES! In LFD we focus on designing waste-free, visual factories & facilities that have smooth flow and are Lean in its orientation. This applies also to processing centers, assembly workstations, material management and handling infrastructure, etc. properly done, the need of the floor space can be reduced by 50% & manpower can be rationalized by 30% to 50% apart from eliminating a lot of other muda {Waste} across the value stream thus reducing both, capital cost and cost of operations!


·         Optimized Flow (Process/ Production)

·         Optimized Layouts

·         Optimized Resources





Eye Opening Results Case Study

How LFD?

·         During LFD we will address the following:

·         Manufacturing FLOW improvements

·         LEAN/ Cellular Layouts

·         Lean process design –even process of service delivery

·         Investment in ‘right-size’, multiple, easily maintained, flexible equipment (Including utilities)

·         Quick changing, flexible equipment (also workstations and layouts)

·         Ergonomic workstations

·         Multi-skilled, Multi-tasking manpower

·         Customized, count – free containers for ports

·         Line-side-design for material inputs using FIFO racks

·         POUS (Point-Of-Use Stores)

·         Design of Supermarkets for storage, where necessary (and Pull replenishment) of raw materials and parts

·         KAIZEN™ warehouse (FG and spares sales for Optimization of flow)

·         Lean internal logistics systems (Supporting JIT operations initially)

·         Lean supervision

·         Lean documentation (Perhaps supported by bar-coding)

·         Visual managements of ‘Gembutsu’ and information/ data

·         (Each project is unique)







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