KAIZEN™ Management System Audit: First step towards continual improvement

KAIZEN™ Management System Audit: First step towards continual improvement

No journey starts without a Road Map! Two points need to identified Current State & a Desired State, the KAIZEN™ Management System (KMS) audit/ assessment does precisely this & results into an Operational Excellence roadmap.

What is KMS audit/ assessment?

It is an systematic opportunity assessment conducted to identify gap and opportunities in the operations  that finally leads to the design of an improvement roadmap with calculations of potential benefits (monitory & non monetary)

Why KMS Audit system?

No journey starts without current state analysis and a roadmap for future improvements – we have to define What needs to be improved? How? by Whom? Where? By When? and the Measures? Thus before starting on any improvement program, it is important and imperative that the following is executed:

  • KMS Audit/ Assessment  - identify current state & plan a desirable future state
  • Preparing a road map to implement improvements so as the reach the planned future state

Helps the management, the present site on the way to determine World Class performance. By showing of the already reached evolution degree as well as the representation of the available potentials, a development plan can be developed for the future:

KMS audit supports the benchmark process.

Diagnosis (Greek) = recognize illness

Sample KMS audit questionnaire

Sample KMS audit overview


KMS audit: how does that work?

1.       Mirror of the current situtation of KAIZEN®-activities in the factory

2.       Basis to the benchmark with other factories

3.       Organize the necessary improvement actions

Finally all this helps in gaps being Identified…

We may find gaps like…

-  Forecasting based push planning is the weakness

 - Total Capacity Calculation is low

- Lack of Process Standardization

- Push Production is used, no customer pull 

 - Data conversion into Information is weak

 - No Flow in production

 - Imbalance utilization of Machine

- Rejection / Rework is high

- Transparency of Information / Communication is poor

- Departments are working in silos

- Documentation is poor

Sample Kaizen/ OE roadmap


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