Team Work is at the heart of Kaizen

Team Work is at the heart of KAIZEN™

Teamwork is the buzzword and used by all organizations but the fact is very few companies actually does this. So why is there such mystery about developing a well-functioning team? This clearly shows that there is a disconnect between theory and how teams function in real life.

Team Work

Conditions for successful teamwork

Goals and Tasks

Requirements to the goals

Self influenced - Does the team have required resources? 

Measurable - How we recognize the goal has been reached ?

Attractive - Is it worth the effort? (purpose, recognition)

Realistic - feasible, attainable, challenging ?

Time limit - Is there a fixed date, time period?

Criteria for successful teamwork

General rules for teamwork

The 4 phases of the problem solving process

Use of check lists

Visual management  of team goals, measures and achievements

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