Improve Customer Satisfaction by Simplifying your Business Processes

Improve Customer Satisfaction by Simplifying your Business Processes

Today the world is changing, technology is changing and so are the customers. “Customer is the King” is a widely used phrase today in the environment of increasing competition & consumer awareness. Managing customer expectations & providing customer service of superior quality will decide the future of your organization. To be able to do that, you should build customer satisfaction into your business processes. 

You probably use dozens of business processes every day and you have likely come across the results of inefficient processes, too. Unhappy customers, stressed colleagues, missed deadlines, and increased costs are few of the problems or example that dysfunctional processes can create. Therefore it is very important to simplify your business processes first. You should constantly aim to improve operations to achieve high degree of customer satisfaction. Operational Excellence (OE) can be used as Customer Satisfaction tool. OE means that you know your customers' wishes and try to fulfill them as well as possible or even better.

Many of your business processes might have been designed in an earlier era when;

1.    IT was not at pervasive as today

2.    When internet connectivity did not exist or was uncertain & unreliable

3.    When organizations were functioning in silo or

4.    When the auditors ruled the roost, etc.

To survive & compete in today’s environment contemporary processes have to adopt to today’s world. They have to be customer focused, rather than business focused; they have to be fast, responsive, productive & error-free. If you encounter or experience any of the above given situation then its time for transition from old, time-consuming & wasteful processes to new, swift & productive processes, to increase the focus on OE. OE will drive customer satisfaction, employee engagement and other stakeholders value.

The best way to improve the processes is to start with

1.    Current state mapping: Explore each phase in detail

2.    Analyze the process: Investigate the problem within the process

3.    Redesign the process: To eliminate the problem

4.    Implement & communicate change: It may require changing the existing systems, teams or processes.

5.    Review the process periodically: Make sure things are running as per the plan & expectations

Improved Business Processes will lead to fewer errors & delays, less duplicated efforts and satisfied customer.

Note, a business process is nothing but a set of steps or activities that you or your team does repeatedly to manufacture a product or to deliver a service or to provide value to your customers. When processes work well or are aligned, they can improve the significantly improve efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction.



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