Total Service Management (TSM)

Total Service Management (TSM)

KAIZEN™ (Original Definition)

Typical Pain in a Service or Office Environment

  • Has a lot of hidden Waste….
  • Like searching, double filing, duplication of efforts, processes with long Lead Times, information ‘poor load’ or ‘overload’ etc,

Dissatisfaction felt by customers:

  • services are seldom: ON Time, In Full, Error Free (OTIFEF) – to internal or external customers

Dissatisfaction to organization:

  • Waste of resources: People, Space, Utilities, Material, Machines

Probable Causes:

  • poor physical workplace management and defects in processes. No sustained efforts to drive continual improvements within service functions.

Lack of a productivity culture and need for building a KAIZEN™ culture!

Kaizen=Continual Improvement

  • Lean Means 'More for Less' 
  • Lean Means 'Zero Waste Operations'

Bottom Line

Value Added and muda

How to ? The Four P‟s of Continual Improvement

4P broken into six TSM levels

Kaizen‟s Focus is on Waste Elimination!

Similar concepts….many TERMS..

• KAIZEN™ or Gemba KAIZEN™
• Lean Manufacturing/ Lean Thinking
• World Class Manufacturing (WCM)
• Toyota Production System (TPS)
• Waste Free Manufacturing
• Flexible Manufacturing
• Structured Lean Integrated Manufacturing - SLIM

Benefits of KAIZEN™ Implementation In Service/ OfficeS


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