Total Change Management

Total Change Management

Sustaining improvements everyday…everywhere…everyone

When does change happen?

When RESISTANCE to change is overcome


Elements for change overpower RESISTANCE to change

Change is not always welcome, understood or painless…. Most of the time it is wise to assume that there will be resistance to change !

• At some point in the journey..

• From some sections (people, function, stakeholders)

• For some reasons…(all justified in the resistors view point)

The tipping point for change

Dissatisfaction + Vision + First Steps > Resistance to Change

The above 3 elements must add up to be greater than the resistance !!


• Grater the pain, greater the DESIRE to change

• If pain not felt, show the pain!

• Show joy to help people see that they are far from joy or that they are in pain!

• Find unrealized needs

• No known pain, then you find passive resistance

• Often people think that if ‘I’ am dissatisfied then all are !

• Leaders dissatisfaction does not mean entire companies dissatisfaction

Having understood dissatisfaction, note

Dissatisfaction without VISION or First Steps = Frustration !

Having understood VISION, not

Vision without Dissatisfaction or First Steps = Wishful Thinking!

Having understood 1st Step, note1st Step without Dissatisfaction or VISION = Failed Start! (or recurring change programs/ starts)

Checklist For Structuring & Sustaining Kaizen/ Lean

Elements of KAIZEN™ structure

Daily KAIZEN™ or Daily Gemba Management

The key or secret to sustaining Improved state at the Gemba

This is the way to move from Nobody > Somebody > Everyday Kaizens..

1.    Top Management : std work is 5-10%

2.    Middle: 50%

3.    Supervisory: 70-80%

4.    Worker: 95%

4 elements of Daily Gemba Management

1. leader standard work –all leaders to have defined Std work

2. visuals controls –visual ways of score keeping & capturing gaps (maintained by the doers)

3. daily accountability 3 tier process –way to flag unsolved problems with help from a higher level

4. discipline to follow above three –nobody can help you, if you don’t do it…daily, religiously…..

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