Productivity improvement through Total Productive Maintenance (TPM): Part I of III

Productivity improvement through Total Productive Maintenance (TPM): Part I of III

More and more companies are using TPM® as a means of keeping key machines up & running. The objective of TPM® is to eliminate the equipment downtime. It focuses on overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), covering areas like breakdowns, setup time, capacity, etc.

The OEE calculations rolls the “6 big losses” of TPM® into one number that represents the effective operating rate for any equipment.

Total Productive Maintenance is also defined as:

TOTAL: Business Wide
PRODUCTIVE: Improve equipment performance
MAINTENANCE: Machine support system

To become world class

We need world class processes
World-class people
World-class machines
TPM® is a tool which ensures that we attain & sustain world-class machines

If machines are poorly maintained…..Break downs will occur – which is muda, Production loss will happen, Product quality will be unstable, Safety stocks will be built as we are not sure when the M/c will stop again! Spare part consumption will be more, etc

TPM® was started by JIPM & the TPM® Targets are Zero (unplanned) stoppages, Zero quality defects (due to m/c), Zero accidents, Over 85% OEE. TPM®…is a culture that focuses on improving the effectiveness of the plant, equipment and processes through the empowerment of PEOPLE.

TPM® is:

Having a clean, tidy and safe work place
Keeping machines and tools in good condition
Having a say in what goes on in your cell/area
Getting things done
Making life easier – being in control
Working in a ‘smart’ way
Owning and having a pride in your machines/cell/area
Teamwork – production and maintenance
About making machines as ‘effective’ as possible

TPM® is NOT:

Operators carrying out Maintenance Engineers’ jobs
A way of making people work harder.
Employees expected to carry out tasks that they are not trained for.
A way of monitoring employees.
Extra duties in your own time.
Anything other than common sense and correct working practices.
Just a change for the shop-floor.

Operator CAN DO Activities

Bolt Tightening.
Identifying Actions
Controlling Coolant ,air leakage, muck and swarf
Calculating Machine Effectiveness
Predicting Problems.

TPM® is a registered trademark of JIPM

Keep watching this space to read Part II & Part III of this subject.

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