7 Steps of planned Maintenance

7 Steps of planned Maintenance

1. Support & Guidance to ‘Autonomous Maintenance’ activities

  • Participate with operators in putting green & red tags
  • Attend red tag abnormalities

2. Evaluation of Equipment failure/ breakdown status & understand the situation.

  • Do why-why analysis for repeated abnormalities, find & eliminate root cause.

3. Reverse deterioration & correct weaknesses.

  • Extended help to operators to prepare ‘Tentative Standards’ for cleaning, Lubrication & Inspection.
  • Establish ‘TBM’ & ‘CBM’ based Maintenance schedules

4. Build an ‘Information Management’ system.

  • Extend help to operators in education, on job training in general inspection & developing inspection procedures

5. Build a ‘Periodic Maintenance’ system.

  • Prepare standard documents for material selection, expense estimation, spare part management, work safety standards, Lubrication classification etc.

6. Build a ‘Predictive Maintenance’ system.

  • Introduce ‘Equipment Diagnostics’ technology
  • Develop Equipment diagnosis skills & change TBM in to CBM.

7. Evaluate the planned Maintenance system.

  • Compare, review total system & strengthen weak points.
  • Consolidate planned Maintenance, prepare Master Plan.

Why – Why Analysis

Acknowledgement: Japanese Institute of Plant Maintenance

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