Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day

As you celebrate the 68th Indian Independence day Kaizen Institute would like to wish all its clients, fans & followers a HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY. May your journey of operational excellence find solid relationships & satisfied repeating customers.

Freedom or Independence is the spirit, a state of mind that enables people to create the greatest and the most inspiring things. This spirit of freedom gives you the power to conquer new heights, whether it is a real mountain peak or a bold business challenge.

Similarly Kaizen® spirit gives you the freedom from daily firefighting situations, heavy investments, taking out people, etc. Kaizen® is all about finding better ways to do things, so that they require less effort, less time and fewer resources. It is about developing a mindset, methods and tools to identify and eliminate muda, Mura & Muri in all its forms at every opportunity.

We hope everybody gets to celebrate life, liberty & the pursuit of Kaizen®

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