A Day in The Life of KAIZEN™ Supervisor

A Day in The Life of KAIZEN™ Supervisor

Purpose of this Article

To provide you with a model day in the life of a KAIZEN™ supervisor focused on daily continual improvement

Definition of a supervisor

Leader – one who directs, coaches and inspects the work, actions, and performance of others.

The 5 Necessary skills of a Lean supervisor


Roots of Daily Kaizen: TWI Job instruction

  • Breakdown a jobs for the instruction, and identify the important steps and key points, then…
  • Prepare the operator to learn;
  • Give a proper demonstration
  • Have the operator try out the performance
  • Taper of coaching while continuing to follow-up

Role of KAIZEN™ supervisor

Rapid response;
Maintain Flow;
Identify Problems;
Correct Problems;
Ensure quality, safety, cost and Delivery;

A sample Day in the Life of Lean supervisor

6:15 Arrive before shift starts
Prepare for day
Check Shift – to shift – Log book

Confirm start up conditions

6:45 am Greet team Members

6:50 am the Daily start up Meetings

Conform Attendance

4 Key Metrics on Communication Board


7 am Shift Starts – Confirm quality and Product

Verify standard work


8 am update Production control board

8:15 am Learn a Job on the Line

9:30 am Break

9:40 am confirm fool time start up

9:50 am Conduct Safety Meeting

10 am Gemba walk with manager

11:30 am Lunch

12:00 pm do KAIZEN™ on Line

Post a KAIZEN™ Newspaper

2:00 pm Break

2:15 pm Prepare for Supervisor’s Meeting

3:00 pm Walk the Line

3:15 pm Daily 5S

3:30 pm End of Shift

3:35 pm update shift- to-shift log book

3:40 pm prepare for Next work Day

KAIZEN™ supervisor standard work

Continuous Improvement Cycle

Characteristics of KAIZEN™ supervisor

Believe in the need for safe work
Know the processes in your area “Backwards and forwards”
Be able to train each associate at each process using standard work
Be able to lead problem solving quickly and effectively
Know the measures in your area
Meet all your company’s training requirements

Acknowledgement: Euclides Coimbra

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