SMED – Single minute exchange of die – Reduce your setup time

SMED – Single minute exchange of die – Reduce your setup time

What is SMED?  

It is a technique that include activities so as to reduce the overall setup time.

Single Minute Exchange of Die, Shorter Set-up Times, achieving Change-over Operations under 10 minutes.

How SMED Is Important?

            – Overcome Trouble with Large Lot Production

            – Benefits of SMED for Companies – Variety of Products, High Quality,

Good Price & Speedy Delivery.

            – Benefits of SMED for You – Supports Job Security by Strengthening

   Why SMED is important for Companies?

Customer needs are met –

  •  With Variety of Products,
  •  Ensuring Less Waste,
  •  Cost-effective Production & In Smaller Quantities

SMED – Benefits for Companies

  • Flexibility – Customers’ changing needs satisfied  without expense of excess inventory.
  • Quicker Delivery – Small Lot Production ensures Less Lead & Customer Waiting Time.
  • Better Quality  – Through Less Inventory & Storage  Related Defects.
  • Higher Productivity – Reduced Set-up Errors & Shorter Changeover means Higher Human &         Equipment Productivity

SMED – Benefits for You

  • Simpler Setups Result in – Safer Changeovers, Less Physical Strain & Risk of Injury.
  • Less inventory – Less Clutter means Clearer, Easier & Safer Workplace
  • Setup Tools when Standardized & Combined means – Fewer Tools to Keep Track of.

Effects of SMED Application

1. Non-Stock production become possible
– Higher capital turnover
– Better use of building space.
– No stock handling operations.
– No defective stocks.
– No production deterioration losses.
– Mixed Production

2.  Machine work rates improve and productive capacity expands.
3.  Setup errors disappear and the number of defective goods diminishes.
4.  Product quality improves.
5.  Safer operations are possible.
6.  Total management improves.
7.  Total setup time is reduced.
8.  SMED can be achieved at extremely low cost.
9.  Workers no longer resent setup changes.
10. The need for special skills is eliminated.
11. Demands changes can be responded to quickly.
12. Perceptual blind sport is eliminated.
13. The Impossible becomes possible.
14. A revolution in production methods


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