Why Change Efforts Fail?

Why Change Efforts Fail?

What causes change to fail in most organizations? 

  • Lack of Clarity About the Purpose and Outcome of the Change Effort
  • The Change Effort Has Insufficient Support
  • Key Players in the Change Program Are Under performing
  • The Change Program Implementation Plan Is Weak
  • Failure to Acknowledge the Importance of Emotional Commitment to the Change Effort
  • Poor Communication Strategy
  • Lack of Staying Power
  • Ignoring the Mistakes in the Change Program – Or Blaming Others For Them

Why Lean Six Sigma Initiatives fail or are not sustainable?

  • 80% said their Lean Six Sigma effort were failing to drive the anticipated value
  • 74% said they are not gaining the expected competitive edge, because they have not achieved their savings targets
  • Only about 20% of companies that start Lean implementation have become successful

 Paradigms, The reason why it is so difficult to change


 KAIZEN™ Change Management

 KAIZEN™ Change Management Effect


 Quick Audit to the 3 Pillar of Change


 The KCM Model: Paradigm & Change Capability

What is “Company Culture”?

 5 Change Principles

Make it a strategic priority:

  • 1 of the top five strategic initiatives!
  • We have clear Targets!
  • Direct The Rider

Drive 2 types of change:

  • Projects to change Gemba!
  • Teams to change Behaviors!
  • Shape the Paths

Create Lighthouses & Viral Agents:

  • We have excellent lighthouses that embody the vision
  • Our Influent Managers & Team Leaders are committed!
  • Motivate the Elephant

Change Behaviors in small steps:

  • Natural teams make steady Progress!
  • They follow a step model (1 theme a quarter)!
  • Motivate the Elephant

Teaching by Doing & Practicing a Lot:

  • We run Gemba KAIZEN™ Workshops!
  • Natural Team Practice Frequently!
  • Motivate the Elephant

 Paradigms: “Teaching by Doing”, the best Learning Method


To Change Culture…. You have to change Gemba and Change Mind

1. Gemba Work: Projects: Workshops
Improve Work Areas and Processes

1. Behavioral Work: Practice KAIZEN™ Daily: Support and Reinforce
New Behaviors start Spreading

1. Support work: Direct the Rider Motivate the Elephant
Reinforce Behaviors for Cultural Change

Project KAIZEN™

 Value Stream Projects

With many companies integrating Lean and Six Sigma methodologies into a single improvement tool kit, value stream mapping has emerged as a preferred tool to identify process improvement opportunities. A number of valuable points can be made about applying value stream thinking to project selection across a range of industries and processes




Daily KAIZEN™ Model

Support KAIZEN™


 KAIZEN™ Organizational Structure


 The Organization-wide KCM Model


 The successful KAIZEN™ Deployment Road map


 Acknowledgement : Euclides Coimbra


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