IndiZEN 2014 – 5th National Convention on Operational Excellence

IndiZEN 2014 – 5th National Convention on Operational Excellence

With India wanting to double the contribution of manufacturing from 12.5% to 25% of the GDP, Manufacturing Excellence or Operational Excellence has hit the spot light. The recently concluded Indizen 2014 was a national convention that saw more than 180+ Professionals, from 64 top India (also overseas) organizations come together at Pune. In its 5th edition, it is an event that celebrates Operational Excellence – bring case studies, best practice factory tours, tutorials and much more on one platform. It’s a platform to Learn, Share and Network on the theme of Operational Excellence.  

IndiZEN 2014 concluded on Feb 12th evening and it received an impressive response from more than 180+ operational excellence thought and action leaders across the country and from overseas as well. This year the theme for the convention was Employee Excellence for Operational Excellence.

IndiZEN recognizes and awards top Operational Excellence efforts in India!

It gives an opportunity to Learn, Network and Share the work done by organizations in terms of implementation of Kaizen/Lean/Operational Excellence. This event brings an impressive opening & closing keynote speakers, face to face Q&As with India’s leading operational excellence experts, exciting and engaging knowledge sharing sessions, KAIZEN™ tours (visit world class plants – seeing is believing), and an intense case study competition. 

The event started with a great enlightening opening key note by Mr. Shyam Talawadekar, a corporate coach (on TOYOTA-Lean-Approach), Speaker and a Blogger who has authored over a dozen of books on Lean. His ‘World-of-Kaizen’, ‘Visual Management’, ‘Kaizen-Culture’ in Marathi have collectively sold over 20,000 copies. He has cross industry global experience as FAAAI-AOTS-expert in implementing Best Management Practices for sustained employee & business performance in LSIs like Bosch, Cumins, TATA, Eaton, Reliance, Mahindra (including Deming Award process at Nagpur), Crystal & Floreal group (HK), etc. 

Next opening key note address was delivered by Mr. Vinay Kaul. He is a Mechanical Engineer from IIT-Mumbai and P.G. from IIT-Mumbai in Machine Tool Technology.  With over 40 years of experience in the Industry, his insights on People Excellence for Operational Excellence were eye opening. He has been working as an advisor to several Indian Corporations from Military Aircrafts to Plastic Processing. His clients list includes TATA, Mahindra, Sulzer, Tranter India, etc. 

As always, we had huge demand for factory tours, a few of those who missed out on the tours (no space) were disappointed, however they soon found great value by joining and listening to National Case Study Competition and by attending knowledge sessions on KAIZEN™ Teian, KAIZEN™ Kata and Coaching Kata.

Track 1 – Three full buses were ready at 11.30 to take around 75 participants to ARaymond, Volkswagen and Suzlon on the first day.

This year there were 32 case studies (9 from Service sector and 23 from Manufacturing) which were presented in all and each one of them were of high quality and content, proving that operational excellence has deep roots across Indian Companies. 

The judges comprising of Mr. Narendra Lagoo, Mr. Achyut Vaidya and Mr. Vinay Kaul for Manufacturing sector case study competition and the judges for Service sector comprised of Mr. Donal Dinero and Mr. Shyam Talawadekar. The judges had a big challenge as they had to evaluate 32 case studies.

The audience broke into a loud applause as the four winners were announced, which were:

Manufacturing track

 1)      JK Files India Ltd

 2)      Alstom India Limited (Hydro Business)

 3)      Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd.

 Service track

 1)      PSG Hospitals

Mr. Donal Dinero delivered the closing key note, where he spoke about TWI – Spanning The Functional Divide. On 12th, Mr. Dinero also conducted a full day session on ‘Training Within Industry’, and it was well attended. He spoke of Job Methods, Job Relations & Job Instructions and how it helps drive change.

During the concluding session of IndiZen 2014, Mr. Shyam Talawadekar and Mr. Vinay Kaul were awarded the ‘Masaaki Imai Citation’ for its noteworthy work in the domain of Operational Excellence. People waited with their breath held tight while the winners of the Case Study Competition were announced!

With 180+ participants from 64 companies (five from overseas), four track and five best class companies to tour, Indizen once again delivered value to all those present.

The objective behind Kaizen Institutes ‘IndiZen 2014’ as always has been to get Operational Excellence practitioners together to share, celebrate, network and learn. As India takes giant strides towards economic growth, becoming efficient in every economic sphere is critical for our future.

Brief overview of IndiZEN 2014

1.      64 organizations participated out of which 5 were from overseas

2.      180+ participants from various organizations and industries

3.      32 case studies for National Case Study competition

4.      5 host sites for Excellence Inside Tours

          a. ARaymond
          b. Suzlon
          c. Volkswagen
          d. Tranter India
          e. SEMCO

Apart from above mentioned 5 host companies participants also visited Kaizen Institutes Lean & Green office.

 5.      Knowledge sessions on KAIZEN™ Teian, Coaching Kata, KAIZEN™ Kata, TWI, etc.

6.      IndiZEN 2014 had guests from India as well as overseas. To name the few IndiZEN 2014            had people like Mr. Donald Dinero, Mr. Shyam Talawadekar, Mr. Vinay Kaul,                                Dr. Nagendra Chowdary, Dr. J L Meena, etc.

7.      Judges for the case studies for Manufacturing track were Mr. Achyut Vaidya, Mr.                          Nagendra Lagoo, Mr. Vinay Kaul and for Service track were Mr. Donald Dinero and                      Mr. Shyam Talawadekar

8.      Masaaki Imai Citation was awarded to Mr. Shyam Talawadekar and Mr. Vinay Kaul

9.      Opening Keynote address was delivered by Mr. Shyam Talawadekar and Mr. Vinay Kaul               while the Closing Keynote address was delivered by Mr. Donald Dinero.

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