Total Change Management (TCM): Become an adaptive Leader

Total Change Management (TCM): Become an adaptive Leader

Total Change Management (TCM): Become an adaptive Leader
December 12, 2013 by Kaizen Institute - India! Leave a comment
Change is an inevitable part of existence for individuals as well as for organizations. It is a prevailing factor faced by leaders in this dynamic business environment. TCM deals with “How To” change company systems and culture, engaging teams at all levels in KAIZEN™ projects and activities; it is the organizational side of the KMS: how to implement a KAIZEN™ Strategy. TCM Vision should be everyday, everybody and everywhere Kaizen. TCM promotes a continuous Change of Gembas and Minds.

The TCM – Total Change Management model consists of 3 pillars:

• Effective Teamwork
• Direction and Control
• KAIZEN™ Leadership.

Effective Teamwork

There are 3 types of KAIZEN™ Challenges in any Corporation, Company or Collective Organization: Maintain muda out of Gemba, Eliminate muda from Gemba and Design Value into Gemba.
4 types of KAIZEN™ Team need to be developed to tackle these challenges and to start improving the organization.

These teams are:

– Daily KAIZEN™ “Activities”;
– Gemba KAIZEN™ “Workshops”;
– Value Stream “Projects”;
– KAIZEN™ Strategy “Model”.

To quickly assess the effectiveness of KAIZEN/Lean in any organization, just answer these simple questions:

– How many teams of each type have been utilized in the past 12 months?
– What is the plan for the next 12 months?

Many companies are very unbalanced in their use of these 4 types of teams. The outcome being a lack of commitment and sustainability, and poor results in the long term.

Direction and Control

KAIZEN™ Teams need to have a Direction (targets and a plan to achieve them). They also need “Performance Management” in order to “Check” and “Act” in terms of Results (targets achievement). Direction and Control is the TCM Pillar which encompasses all matters relating to Audits, KAIZEN™ Support, Strategy Deployment and Reporting (or Performance Management); Another important feature of Direction and Control is the KAIZEN™ Assessments. Audits and Assessments are required to teach and provide feedback on implementation.
There are many assessments relevant to the KMS (KAIZEN™ Management System) as a whole or to specific tools like 5S.

KAIZEN™ Leadership

KAIZEN™ Leadership aims to develop Self Motivation of Individuals in the company. Self Motivation can be defined as the knowledge, beliefs and willingness necessary to understand and contribute to the KAIZEN™ Management System. It includes Awareness training, Coach training, Management Leadership training and KAIZEN™ College training.
In fact KAIZEN™ Leadership promotes self study and self development, resulting in individuals being more open minded and capable of applying KAIZEN™ on a daily basis.


KAIZEN™ is a process of managing change to produce a Lean result. To achieve this many “soft skills” need to be implemented during the course of the change program. TCM is the solution to developing a successful KAIZEN™ Lean Strategy.

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