Kaikaku: Break the existing paradigm

Kaikaku: Break the existing paradigm

Kaikaku: Break the existing paradigm

Global environment is changing, businesses and manufacturers are under constant pressure to improve upon its Quality of products, reduce Cost of manufacturing goods or services, and Deliver on time. Therefore it is very important for them to take every opportunity to improve process and reduce the cost to be competitive. But question that comes to their minds is How will they know whether they are running or employing best practices?

Most of the organizations do not have honest metrics to be objective and think differently. By introducing Kaikaku (Radical Change) method organization can attack stagnation on the gemba (shop floor). Kai means Change and Kaku mean Radical. Unlike Kaizen, which is change for better or continuous improvement, Kaikaku means radical change – it can be in the existing paradigm or system or processes. Although there are many ways to bring change within an organization kaikaku can be one amongst them. Many organizations think that by appointing or hiring a KAIZEN™ or a Lean champion they can bring change or improve the current state but they forget to understand the ground reality on the gemba. What is important is to break the existing paradigm and to do this the top management has to understand the plight of manufacturing from a gemba point of view. They will have to listen, observe and understand core issues on the gemba. It has also been observed that many organizations find themselves fighting  fires within the organization which restricts them looking at the root cause of the real problem and therefore root cause issues are not solved or understood including at top management level. Management has to work on changing the overall culture of the organization which is impacted by Physical environment, Process/SOP, Measurements and respect for people (no blame culture). They need to think that how they can excel in this fast paced world? Employees have to trained on systematic global best practice and it has to be implemented and linked to goals of improvement.

Kaikaku or KAIZEN™ cannot be done in Conference rooms or meeting rooms! The only rule to bring radical change is by going to gemba because that is place where they can meet Real People, get Real Data, observe and understand Real Situation, find Real Solution and in a real hurry.

So by now it must have got clear that “Kaizen” is an evolutionary and incremental approach to improvement, on a regular basis, while Kaikaku in nature, is compact, concentrated and revolutionary! The real value of both can be made clear if they are implemented. Apart from that one can also claim the knowledge about the theory & application, when one sees it in action. KAIZEN™ Kaikaku tours offers the best way to learn about the theory & application by visiting world class companies. This tour affords a “behind the scenes” view into the production and service segments of the facilities, providing a look at current trends in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

Organizations do make slight changes as time progresses but rarely make radical changes unless forced to by competition or radical changes in technology, or something like Gemba KAIZEN™ comes along.

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