KAIZEN™ in Public Hospitals – Voice of customer!!!

KAIZEN™ in Public Hospitals – Voice of customer!!!

Nothing is more Powerful, Authentic and Impactful then the voice of the customer.

It is proved once again that leadership is key to sustained quality improvements. Dr. Rupali C.Mehta – CDMO (Chief District Medical Officer) at the Rajkot District Hospital (Gujarat, India) has been driving KAIZEN™ and has recently pin pointed the benefits\ impact of KAIZEN™ (Five s and Process Improvements);

1. Safety of patients and staff has been improved through repairing of electrical wires & Signage has been put on every dangerous places.
2. More cleanliness because of customized checklist, fixed schedules & responsibilities for cleaning.
3. Time reduction in finding needed things because of checklist of every cupboard and labeling of everything.
4. Reduced Turn-around time :

    At lab, reports are being given in an hour.
    At registration windows extra data operator is appointed to reduce the                waiting time of patient.
    One extra drug dispensary window has been opened to reduce the waiting time for medicines.

5. As everything is at right place and right place for everything has been identified, it has improved the productivity of staff.
6. 5S is done with minimum cost. It has given earning through additional scrap auction.
7. Space is automatically created when everything is placed properly (set in order).
8. Development of Team spirit.
9. As we had internal training through our own champions and one internal audit has also been done, People are really getting motivation from each other. Every department wants to be best. In all internal meeting people who are putting sincere efforts are being appreciated.
10. It has reduced duplication of entries in different registers that were previously maintained. We have reduced number of registers in wards.
11. Improvement in inventory management.
12. Staff can arrange things that they need frequently nearby so travel time & distance every

We are proud! her team were trained and supported by the Kaizen Institute on Continuous Quality Improvement. Due to her commitment and belief in Kaizen, through both 5s & Process Improvements she has seen some great benefits, which she says NO other approach delivered before.

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