GKW – Gemba KAIZEN™ Workshop

GKW – Gemba KAIZEN™ Workshop

Gemba Approach

The key thinking here is that any problem solving or improvement steps should not be guided by theory or opinions of any team members. Also, problems occur at the Gemba. Hence if problems are to be understood and its resolution not guided simply by opinions in the conference room-we must constantly be willing to go to Gemba and analyze thins from a clear perspective.

Gemba Orientation: the Importance of Gemba


Golden Rules of Gemba

The steps outline the focus on the Gemba.

  1. When an abnormality occurs, first go to the Gemba. In other words discussing problems without actually seeing the ground reality is strongly discouraged.
  2. Check with Gembutsu (machines, materials, failures, rejects, unsafe conditions etc.)
  3. Take temporary countermeasure on the spot.
  4. Remove root cause.
  5. Standardize to prevent further trouble.

 Gemba KAIZEN™ Workshops

Speak with the data

Data and not opinions should be the guiding principle. That ensures there is no bias in understanding any situation. So in KAIZEN™ thinking there is clear drive for data for collection and presenting all facts with the support of relevant data.

Gemba orientation: Speak with Data

Organized Gemba

As we focus on Gemba another clear drive in KAIZEN™ thinking is to have an organized Gemba. Without these foundation improvements is not possible. This is achieved by doing 5S.

by Kamal Sharma – Kaizen Institute

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