KAIZEN™ in Logistics & Supply Chains

KAIZEN™ in Logistics & Supply Chains

Lean has become one of the most popular management methods for enhancing the competitive strength of manufacturing & logistics companies in the past few decades but its not easy to understand its full implications. 

Lean has been introduced in so many companies but in bits & pieces and not completely as a Supply Chain management system. The benefits of Lean are gained only when the web of the total flows has been extended throughout all the supply chain processes. Few companies have realized the benefit of KAIZEN™ in Logistics & Supply chains. 

This book on KAIZEN™ in Logistics & Supply chains by Euclides Coimbra has come at an opportune time when many organizations are planning to re-look at their supply chain strategies in the aftermath of the financial crisis and the pressures of global competition. Many companies are seeking professional guidance & a roadmap to improve their supply chain operations. This book will be a perfect guide for such companies as well as for companies who are willing to embrace Lean for the first time in their companies, warehouses, supply chains,etc. This book is recommended to all who are willing to improve supply chain performance. 

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