Gujarat Education Department to adopt Kaizen

Gujarat Education Department to adopt KAIZEN™

This article is a reprint of the Press Release article published in Business Standard.

Gujarat education department will put the Japanese management technique of KAIZEN™ into practice with a view to enhancing efficiency and productivity.

KAIZEN™ India Institute Ltd has been permitted by the state government to implement a ‘Kaizen’ pilot project in the department, the institute’s director, Jayanath Murthy told PTI. The Japanese philosophy of Kaizen, which focuses on continuous improvement, is a business strategy that involves everyone, at every level and across every function in the organisation working together to eliminate waste, gain productivity and improve profitability, Murthy said.

Under the pilot project, the institute will initiate immediate organisational changes by using creative and practical solutions through various tools and Total Systems Improvement programmes, to achieve specific and ongoing strategic growth, he said. The institute, founded by Masaaki Imai in 1986, is headquartered in Switzerland and has over 30 offices across the world with more than 200 consultants.

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